Hi! I’m Katie, and you’ve stumbled onto this new endeavour of mine! I’ve always really enjoyed photography, writing, and having a way to express the creativity that I don’t have a lot of room for in my day-to-day academic or professional life. Recently, I’ve also rediscovered my love of fashion and “lifestyle” content (for lack of a better description), including beauty, wellness, styling, food, body positivity… and lots of other things. I’ve been using Instagram as my main outlet for this creativity for a long time now (going on 5 years?) and I’ve come to the conclusion that it’s time to make the leap and develop some of these thoughts and ideas into something a little more concrete – and here we are! My very creatively named blog, which is not creative because it’s just my name. We’ll call it… consistent branding? (aka find me on instagram, katie_parrott )

To whet your appetite on what is to come, I’ve included photos of some of my favourite instagram content.


I’m hoping that this will be a space that we can explore a ton of different topics together, centred around the idea of being happy in your own skin, wherever you are and whatever you choose to do or be in that skin. So no matter if we’re talking about fitness or make up or fashion or travel, I want to express how I feel, and how I can (hopefully!) make you feel. I also want this to be a two-way conversation, either through the comments section below, on instagram, or you can email me directly – kate.parrott@hotmail.com

Expect a lot of content based around fashion, since being a young, stylish plus-sized woman is no easy feat, and requires a reasonable amount of persistence and effort (and emotional resilience).


Lots of Love

Katie xx

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