Throughout my journey to discover the best activewear available in plus sizes, I stumbled across D+K, an Australian brand dedicated to sustainable and ethical production, and who have a dedicated curve range called Embrace. They have sizes 18-24, and a fairly limited range of staple pieces at the moment though new items will apparently be releasing soon!

I tried a number of outfits from the range over a two month period, so I could give you my full thoughts and feelings! If you like any of the items featured and want to snag some for yourself, you can get 15% off full-priced items (in their straight size and curve ranges) using code KATIEP15

(Disclaimed: D+K provided me with items to wear and review. I am not, however, under obligation to provide a positive review. All opinions contained within are my own.)

Remi Tee in White (Size 20)

As you can see, I tried two full outfits (Sports crop, top, and leggings) from the Embrace range, all in Size 20. I usually wear a 20 in activewear, and you can compare that to my measurements in the About Me section if you want to know how that might correspond for you.

Overall my experience wearing D+K Embrace activwear was a really positive one – I love that they’re providing an ethical, sustainable product at a similar price point to other (non-ethical/sustainable) plus size retailers, and at a similar price point as straight size retailers. While I didn’t love the shiny fabric in the Pace Tights, that’s just a personal preference towards matte-finish activewear. If you’re similar to me in that regard then I highly recommend the Wonder Tights and Unstoppable Crops. The cuts are definitely thoughtful with regards to plus size bodies, and I could have almost sized down to an 18 in the garments, which is great if you’re a size 24/26 and wondering if this line might work for you. I’ve worn them for a variety of exercise types, including high-intensity cardio, reformer pilates, and weights in a gym. They’re great all-round products, that I feel comfortable wearing around the house, to walk the dog, or in the gym.

For me personally, there are minimal cons to touch on with D+K. A downside to the Embrace range is that there are fewer products than their regular sized range, and doesn’t seem to have new products added as often. Additionally, the Embrace range is more of a ‘basics’ line, and I’ve noticed that many of the fun colours/prints/styles in the straight size range aren’t replicated in the plus garments. They’ve got great staple pieces, so this likely isn’t a problem for the regular consumer, but I am always on the look out for pieces that are in fun colours and prints and styles (as I already have a lot of those staple activewear pieces). In speaking to friends and followers, I know that a lot of people just want to be able to buy high quality activewear in black, navy and white – so maybe it’s just a ‘me’ problem, but I thought it was worth flagging!

Have you tried D+K activewear before? If so, what did you think of it? Comment below with your favourite size inclusive activewear!

~ Katie


  1. They sound great! I’ve been trying to choose an Australian ethical activewear brand, but there seem to be quite a lot of them, and I’m not sure how to pick between them. These sound like a good option!

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