Hi, I’m Katie! I’m a plus-size young professional based in Tasmania, Australia. I love fashion and beauty, as well as travel, body positivity, lifestyle, local events and food! I got my start online with my Instagram, and I started this blog to talk more broadly about my interests and passions.

For collaborations, questions, or just to chat, contact me at kate_parrott@outlook.com.au


I currently work for the public service, and my office is fairly informal as far as dress code. It’s professional and corporate, but not restrictive, and we have casual dress on Friday’s! Some of you would work in very corporate environments which require a particularly formal dress code, while others could have a uniform – please keep this in mind when I talk about outfits that are ‘work appropriate’, since what is appropriate for my work might not be for yours! I just wanted to give you all some context into why I dress the way I do for work!


While I will state the size of each item I’m wearing in any given post, I know that isn’t always very helpful to determine what might or might not fit you. With that in mind, I’ve listed below my key measurements (bust, waist, hips), as well as bra size and “normal” clothing size. These obviously fluctuate a fair amount, but as of right now (9 March 2018) they’re correct.

Normal clothing size – 18/20 in tops and dresses, 20/22 in pants.

Bust: 121cm (47 in)
Waist: 110cm (43 in)
Hips: 137cm (54 in)

Height: 165cm (5’5″)

Bra Size: 18G

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