Like many Australians who struggle to make it through winter (too cold for the beach! only one public holiday in 3 months! have to use the heat feature on the air con!) I went to Europe for an adventure! I wanted to avoid the gross busy-ness of the summer peak season so decided to go in September – kinda autumnal in the UK but got some very warm days in France and Italy.

I am terrible at packing so this is by no means a blog post with advice on how to pack for your Europe trip. However, I thought it would be nice to have one place where I can direct people who ask about what I wore in September in Europe – which is basically white sneakers, loose pants, lightweight tops, and travel-friendly dresses. Everything is linked (with affiliate links fyi) and I’ve stated what size I wear, plus you can reference my ‘About’ tab for more detailed sizing information.

At least one other post will be coming soon, detailing what I did, where I ate, and what my recommendations are for London, Paris, Venice, Cinque Terre, Florence and Rome! Now onto the clothes – I’ve ordered them roughly chronologically, though I obviously wore everything more than once I didn’t necessarily photograph myself in them more than once so I’ve noted where I am in each photo!

BirdsnestSerena Maxi Dress Painted Waratah – Size 22
Cinque Terre and London
Little Party DressFraser Polka Dot Pants – Size 18
Marks and SpencerDitsy Floral Waisted Midi Dress – Size 24
London and Rome
ASOS – Vero Moda Curve Raincoat – Size 22
London ( Warner Bros Studio Tour)
Monki (ASOS link for non-Europeans)Belted shirt dress in Artsey Eyes Print – Size M
Hannah is wearing the Monki Belted Shirt Dress in Green Polka Dot
Little Party DressFrances Blue Floral Shirt Dress – Size 18
In the right photo, I’m wearing the Frances Dress tied up as a shirt over my Black Jumpsuit (below)
BirdsnestThe Easy Day Jumpsuit – Size 22
Cotton OnCurve Paper Bag Culotte in Silver Sage – Size 22
Blouse on left is from Marks and Spencer and shirt on right is Cotton On Curve
London and Venice
Marks and SpencerPure Cotton Striped Straight Fit T-Shirt – Size 24
Marks and SpencerPeg Cropped Trousers – Size 24
Fun fact: this is the exact same outfit that all the Gondoliers wear so maybe avoid this lewk in Venice!!
Shein – Plus Random Tropical Criss Cross One Piece Swimsuit – Size 4XL
Cinque Terre
Monki (ASOS link for non-Europeans)Oversized button-up dress in Artsy Pink – Size XL
Monki (ASOS link for non-Europeans)Short-sleeved woven top in pure peach – SIze XL
BirdsnestPrinted Maxi Skirt – Size 22
Birkenstocks Arizona – Size 39
Saltwater Sandals – Size 6
Bared Footwear – Thorntail White Leather and Gold Stars – Size 39


I’m a little late on the round-up post this week, but I feel like Tuesday is still pretty good (once you hit Wednesday do you just give up on the week before)? I missed a few days of outfits this week, plus Monday was a public holiday so I was in pyjamas and painting clothes all week! To account for the missing outfits, I’ve included a few other highlights from my week!


Target – Blazer – Size 18 (unavailable)
Big W – Dress – Size XL (unavailable)
Betts – Autumn Boots (Grey) – Size 9 – $79.99 (unavailable)

Atmos&Here Curvy (The Iconic) – Ada Wrap Dress – Size 20 –  $79.95
Target – Suede Mules – Size 8 (unavailable)


Adrift – Aarna Dress (Salt’n’Pepper) – Size 3XL/4XL – $25 (on sale)
Dr Marten – 1461Z (3 Eye) – $200

Gorman – Curious Ladies Dress – Size 14 – $229
Wittner – Sandals – Size 39 (unavailable)

Desk Project
(L) The desk as a work in progress, with the handles removed. (R) The finished product!

So I’ve been trying to figure out what to do with my spare room since I moved into my house, and it has honestly just been a ‘box I can’t be bothered unpacking’ room. However, I recently decided I wanted to do more sewing, so decided to make at least part of the room into a little sewing corner, where I could store my fabric and patterns, and have my machine permanently set up. I didn’t want to buy a cheap and flimsy desk, but I also don’t have the dollars to splash on a super fancy one either – the solution, of course, was scouring the local tip shops to see what gems I could find! What I ended up finding wasn’t very pretty to begin with (and I WISH I had taken a ‘before’ photo) but after a few coats of white paint, it came up an absolute charm for only $25!

(L) French Toast with Pears and Berries at The Picnic Basket. (R) Homemade pizza with 2-ingredient dough. 

Two little food favourite of last week – brunch and pizza! On Saturday I caught up with some old school friends and hit up Taroona haunt The Picnic Basket for a delicious French toast and berries. I’m thinking of doing a ‘Best Brunch in Hobart’ post, so comment below if that’s something you’d be interested in reading. The pizza is featured because I have been OBSESSED recently with this 2-ingredient bread dough that has been going around the internet and sounds too good to be true. To make a pizza-amount of dough (I usually split this in half and eat the other part for lunch the next day), you will need: 1 cup of greek yoghurt and 1.5 cups of self raising flour. THAT’S IT! Just combine and add flour as required while you knead into a dough consistency. Then just spread and cook for about 5 minutes or until brown, and use as you would any other kind of pizza base! I like to mix smoked paprika, salt, pepper, and mixed herbs into the dough to add a more savoury flavour, but you definitely don’t need to do that. It’s so delicious, and super quick and easy!


So that’s it for last week! Hope you’re having a great week, I’ll see you next time.

Lots of Love

Katie xx


So often when I’m trying to put together a quick outfit for work as I rush out the door, rather than going for contrasting or complementary colours (the classic for many office workers is black pants/skirt and some kind of top – nothing wrong with that, of course, but it’s not very me!) I tend to reach for monochrome outfits. For me, keeping everything in the same tonal family is a super easy way to quickly put together an outfit that looks very curated and thoughtful. Since this isn’t something everyone feels comfortable with, I thought I would put together a few tips that I use to make sure the matchy-matchy looks cool not kitsch! I’ve used examples pulled from my instagram, so if you’re interested in more looks like this, go check it out.

For those who don’t know, a monochrome outfit is when you stick to one colour or colour variants within the same tone. And it doesn’t just have to be black and white!


This is a really nice way to break up a monochrome outfit – introduce texture! This could mean mixing fabrics, a fun earring or necklace, or a fuzzy jumper. I don’t do this one as often as some of the other tips I’m going to talk about, but I’ve included some ways I’ve worn textured monochrome below. On the left, I’ve kept the grey very tonally similar, but gone for this pleated skirt dress and patent grey boots to keep things interesting. On the right (also an example I will be using for my ‘pop of colour’ tip below) I’ve got for a LOT of pink, but added pom pom earrings, a fuzzy cardigan, and shiny-toed shoes in a rose gold. Both very different looks, but still using monochrome as the basis of putting the outfit together.

Texture - Monochrome


This is easily my favourite way to rock the monochrome vibe, as you can tell from how many examples I was able to find from my instagram archive! Sometimes trying to match prints can feel overwhelming and end up looking kitsch or not very together. However, I find that matching prints to otherwise cohesive tones or colour palettes allows the print to do all the talking, but keeps the whole look quite purposeful – these are often my ‘most complimented’ outfits!

If you’ve a sharp eye for detail, you will also notice that this is how I wear a lot of my Gorman prints – 4/6 outfits below have Gorman items in them! But you can see how keeping one piece bold and the others in the same tonal range makes everything look really thoughtfully put together. I particularly like the plaid grey pants in the bottom left and the subtle red print on the top right!

Print - monochromePrint - Monochrome - 2


This probably isn’t how a purist would recommend you tackle a monochrome outfit, but I find that just breaking up similar tones with a pop of something else can really ‘make’ the look. These are three examples where I’ve stuck to a relatively monotone colour palette, but just added something else to the outfit to ‘oomph’ it up – a maroon/purple skirt for the pink outfit, the grey skirt to the white outfit, and the black pinafore in the pink outfit.

Pop - monochrome


This isn’t so much a tip as it is an encouragement to just wear what makes you feel good! For me, I adore pink and often just want to wear as much of it as I can at one time. So the monochrome look works well for that, as long as I match my pink tones and keep things in the same colour family (ie warm pinks/blue-tone pinks). Find what works for you and wear the heck out of it!!

Just Do It - Monochrome


Which look is your favourite? Have you tried the monochrome trend? Let me know in the comments!

Lots of Love

Katie xx